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Vitavin Lactavin Breastfeeding Smoothie

Vitavin Lactavin Breastfeeding Smoothie
Vitavin Lactavin boosts your milk with nutrients while breastfeeding.
Breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for your babies in the first 6 months. When the bodily stores are worn-out, the nutrients in breast milk are depleted. Nutrient rich breast milk can only help your baby continue to grow and develop.

Be aware your baby may not be getting enough nutrients with your breast milk when your bodily stores are worn-out. Vitavin Lactavin Smoothie serves you high dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, DHA and amino acids. This nutrient rich smoothie will help mothers bodily stores restored sooner after the birth in turn this adapts breast milk to meet your baby’s needs. Breast milk rich of DHA helps your baby’s brain and eye development and vitamins, minerals and protein helps grow and development.

High fiber will help mother’s bowel regularity and maintain body weight.
You can create delicious and nutritive breastfeeding smoothies by adding fresh seasonal or frozen fruits simply with Vitavin Lactavin smoothie powder.

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