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Vitavin Man Plus

Mediterr Asian diet is healthy nutrition philosophy, which offer too many functional bio-factors that are naturally occurring in regional foods. Vitavin products are formulated with purified and functional bio-factors of MediterrAsian diet. All these bio-factors help you feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood abs keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Men do not get enough vitamins in their daily diet. On average men need to eat more vegetables and fruits than they are currently taking in. Older men need to watch what they eat to protect heart, prostate, bone muscle health and keep lean body mass. Properly filled micro-nutrient needs help maintain their health and well-being.

Vitavin Man 50+ brings you an age adjusted multivitamin, mineral and bio-factors that are carefully selected under the latest American Board of Nutrition proposals that help protect the health of men 50+.

Vitavin Man 50+ helps

  • Maintain well-being and physical health,
  • Improve lean body mass,
  • Protect heart health,
  • Protect prostate health,
  • Protect muscle, bone and joint health,
  • Improve cognition and concentration,
  • Improve physic performance,
  • Protect aging metabolism.

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